SAP Fiori and SAPUI5

A simple, innovative, mobile solution that guarantees productivity optimization

We are in a new era where maximizing productivity is the watchword of every company.

Thus, SAP recently put forward a new tool that meets all these requirements.

Offrez à votre entreprise la possibilité de simplifier votre ERP SAP avec les applications SAP FIORI

Indeed, each client seeks to make easier and simpler the work of all his collaborators in their daily tasks.

This is the reason why VASPP offers the use of SAP Fiori which brings together a set of applications that can be deployed on all types of platforms.

Its strengths

User experience: Simpler processes and therefore higher productivity.

Responsive : The applications adapt to all types of devices.

Expandable: SAP Fiori is based on UI5 technology

Cost reduction: Providing increased productivity by centralizing user actions in a single screen

Permettez à vos solutions SAP d'être compatibles sur tous les périphériques avec le design SAP FIORI


The technology to develop your applications.
If the standard SAP Fiori applications do not meet your needs, VASPP offers to deploy our solutions or develop them as you wish and as needed using SAP UI5.
We are the ideal partner to build work tools that suit you:

Easily deploy standard SAP applications

Build specific tailor-made applications that suit you

Develop interfaces in accordance with SAP guidelines and principles

Customize the launchpad thanks to our themes adapted to your graphic charter.

Digitalisez votre paysage SAP avec la technologie innovante SAP FIORI & SAP UI5

SAP Fiori UI5 applications can be viewed separately from SAP transactions.

They are designed for a specific role with a specific task, for managers or employees.

SAP Fiori UI5 applications can be used on all mobile devices and are very user-friendly due to their simple and clear target.


Découvrez nos solutions VASPP et les nouveautés SAP !

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