Guarantees maintenance actors a global follow-up of the listed tasks

Digitize your SAP PM (Plant Maintenance) industrial maintenance process

The digitization of maintenance tools for agents has become a strategic element for improving productivity.

Assisting, supporting and facilitating the preparation and intervention of field agents is the main objective of our solution for ERP SAP PM (Plant Maintenance).

Companies have the ambition to constantly improve their maintenance and supply chain in terms of speed, precision and traceability, taking advantage of new technologies.

This suite of SAP UI5 software solutions makes it possible to declare incidents, manage interventions, and record the time spent and the materials consumed (spare parts, measurement and repair tools, inventories, etc.).

Reduce maintenance costs

This solution for SAP ERP offers process automation, moving from a manual and time-consuming entry mode to intuitive and rapid entry that will reduce intervention, repair and maintenance costs, while accelerating movements. of goods and inventory management.

Checklist for inspections

This SAP application suite helps supervisors and managers check the quality of interventions, control costs and build a knowledge database for future interventions.

Therefore, they can improve maintenance time and provide an exact picture of the condition of supervised sites, buildings and machines.

A suite of SAP UI5 applications providing a fluid and ergonomic interface for response teams, allowing maintenance to be performed efficiently and quickly.

Guaranteeing the quality of the data during the intervention and allowing all maintenance actors to make an overall follow-up of the anomalies listed, the tasks performed, and the time consumed.

Manage your SAP production workshop

Combined with a powerful Manufacturing Execution System (MES), it allows you to capture, scan and access all workshop activities (Shopfloor).

With SAP PP as the foundation, you can capture and digitize shop floor activities and then automate operational processes to see what’s happening at the time of manufacture.

Pilot more efficiently

The user can declare the products to be manufactured by declaring the quantity of materials necessary for the manufacture.

Production approval : once the products are sent for approval, they are listed in this request for the manager to approve.

Manage your SAP production workshop

The workshop technician can choose the storage location and release the tank to signal the end of production and plan the installation of a new batch.

The automation of this process can also be integrated with different equipment for better management of connected objects (SAP IoT).

Automation and digitization of your production

Automate your production management and monitor the products manufactured by your teams. 

This SAP UI5 management solution will also allow you to manage the manufacturing process of your finished products, including the management of your tanks and tanks.


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