S/4 HANA enables you to monitor real-time indicators of your processes with new and extended business functions for optimal efficiency

SAP S / 4HANA advocates uniqueness “at all levels” via a single database, a simplified user interface with in addition a digital innovation platform
SAP offers via this ERP solution its new Business Suite, completely rewritten, oriented “In Memory database” and covering the areas of finance, controlling, sourcing, procurement, manufacturing and the extended supply chain.
Since the release of the latest SAP version (S / 4HANA) and the orientation of SAP towards the HANA database, many customers plan to study several scenarios for the evolution of their environment towards HANA or S / 4HANA, as well as the possibility of switching to a return to standard (when this is relevant).


Real-time indicators, based on a single data :

In-memory technology, a decision-making engine associated with transactional.

Reinvented processes for optimal efficiency :

New and extended business functions, Native integration with SAP solutions.

A new, renewed, redesigned and optimized user experience :

For all media, including mobile tools, dashboards and worklists.

Simplified architecture :

Reducing the volume of data, a platform dedicated to innovation and the extension of your company's digital processes.

We offer you a constructive approach based on our mastery of the SAP roadmap and on our various feedbacks to give you all the necessary elements, thus allowing you to ensure an S / 4 HANA migration with peace of mind.

Before any migration to a customer, several scenarios are studied

Scenario 1: Transition to “Suite on HANA” (SoH)

Transition from SAP ECC ERP to the HANA database

Scenario 2: Transition to “S / 4HANA on-premise”

Direct transition to the new version of SAP ERP (S / 4 HANA 1909) with the following options:

Upgrade / Conversion of the existing system,

Start with a “green field” system (“brand new” S / 4HANA system) with data loading,

Infrastructure that can be managed by the outsourcer or another platform allowing server space to be rented (eg: AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.).

Scenario 3: Transition to “S / 4HANA CLOUD”

The Cloud solution having a meaning when a return to the standard is possible, “From scratch” implementation with loading of data Infrastructure managed directly by SAP

 Two versions of the Cloud solution: public and private.

Each proposed scenario leads to different approaches on the following themes (functional contributions, type of project, change management, risks, costs).

VASPP sets up various workshops which lead the discovery of the existing and the definition of the functional target.

From a functional point of view, whatever the chosen scenario, this technology allows users to benefit from real-time decision support.

A Finance user will be able to instantly view their purchase orders and suppliers in the form of reports or KPIs indicators.

This reflection on these different modes of transition has led SAP to review all of its business processes.

Optimization of business processes

Improved UX Design

Increased return on investment

A controlled maintenance cost


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