Stock management optimization solution, inventories with the help of SAP MM

Digitize your warehouse via SAP UI5 & FIORI

Our inventory management solution offers flexible support and automation of the processing of all movements of goods, in your warehouse.

This ERP solution supports the planned configuration of all coordination management processes within warehouses or entry / exit management in the workshop.

Switch to digital SAP management of your warehouse

Key features include simplification in using the tool, better integration of real-time data within SAP, but also faster response time.

This solution also offers improved responsiveness for inventory counting, monitoring function to track count, multiple supplier selection, store selection, materials without connection with supplier.

Efficient handling of the logistics process:

This software solution allows the manager to create, change and delete a wave for the user.

Inventory (first count, second count) – Materials can be transferred from one factory to another factory through storage locations, whenever there is an unavailability of merchandise in a warehouse.

Return of goods:

Within the SAP ERP, this application allows the user to increase productivity by helping the return of delivered goods to customers, without having in-depth knowledge of SAP.

Receipt of goods:

This application for SAP ERP allows users to view and update the details of items belonging to a purchase order.

The quantities of goods received are confirmed based on the quantity delivered and their quality.

What are the advantages?

 Increase its visibility of stocks in all its stores

 Switching stock tools to digital mode

 Makes it easier to avoid product shortages and to keep the necessary stock to have a controllable flow

 Intelligent stock management allowing teams to use modern technologies daily

 Improve the accuracy of inventory planning and variance management

Thanks to intelligent inventory management, it is possible to stay ahead of the demand curve, while having the necessary quantity of product and carefully planning its supply.


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