SAP HR: timesheet: allows you to follow the evolution of the activities of the company's employees

A tool that simplifies your employees' time recording

The Timesheet which supplies an activity report has a multitude of advantages

A painless declaration of times

Drastically simplifies time recording

Monitor the activity of all current projects and sites

Offers increased visibility on the profitability of your activity and your sites

Allows you to reconcile your employees with the entry of working time, this by reducing the difficulty of manual entry

A manual or automatic validation circuit to declare and control the activity report (CAR)

Better management of projects under direct or lump sum

timesheet vaspp

What you must remember

Timesheet is a tailor-made and configurable software. It meets your most precise needs.

Indeed, our team configures the tool and this, adjusting to your own requests.

Timesheet is a centralized solution for all your daily tasks:

Total monitoring of working hours

Management of leaves and absences

In addition, the reports allow you to briefly follow the evolution of your activity

Easy to use:

Our teams easily plan and enter the time spent on each project, as well as leaves, absences and travel

Time saving:

Timesheet saves you a lot of time!

In fact, you save any loss of time linked to a lack of visibility of the working time conducted and / or planned.

In addition, you can check that everything is invoiced (hours, costs) in an efficient and fast way

Anticipation and follow-up:

With Timesheet, you plan the work to come, follow the real-time progress of each project and thus predict wasted time.

Moreover, it is thanks to precise dashboards and charts on Timesheet that you can follow all your activities in a clear and effortless way.


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