SAP cyber security: C-View is a risk management optimization solution within your SAP GRC ERP

For a more efficient analysis of your SAP system and better decision making

Permet une analyse de la politique de sécurité des systèmes SAP, avec des indicateurs clé KPI précis

A DataViz (Dashboard) solution that gives you the ability to support security in your SAP ERP in real time.

This solution enables risk management which mainly aims to provide a more efficient and rapid ERP solution for the detection of anomalies.

It also offers a clear roadmap for correcting or preventing a security breach, while perfecting User Experience (UX).

A solution for data visualization:

C-View gives a 360 ° vision of your management of the cybersecurity of your SAP ERP and this in terms of compliance related to regulations, audits and directives.

This risk visualization tool has been designed to provide managers with a focus on GRC (Governance Risk & Compliance), as well as Cyber Security loopholes.

C-View aide à la mise en conformité du paysage SAP dans votre organisation via un audit automatisé

This allows for a better approach in terms of actions to be put in place to reduce risks and properly address residual risks within your organization.

An analysis tool

C-View offers effective data and risk analysis through the multiple parameters available to you.

  Viewing critical access and permissions

  Ghost users, expired, active / region / country /…

  Non-compliant, unused, critical roles, etc.

  Transactions used by SAP System / User Group / Users /…

  Active SAP users and trends over a period

  Roles in non-compliance in the assignment of rights

  And many other performance indicators …

Drilling statistics:

C-View gives you access to detailed statistics relating to your activity.

Easily detect irregularities and the smallest anomalies related to the information system, the user, his roles or the configuration of your integrated management software package SAP

Correction of safety deviations and other regulatory malfunctions

Improvement of negative trends in business activity, before they translate into more complicated problems

Enables better, rapid decision-making based on centralized business data

C-View has many benefits:

Better data management with centralized controls and data


  On-demand macro-to-micro data analysis

  Intuitiveness for users with quality ergonomics

  The ability to monitor and manage authorizations and access on a common basis

 Better user experience (UX Design)

Facilite l'évaluation des bonnes pratiques au sein de SAP avec les corrections à mettre en place

The characteristics of C-View:

  The ability to customize strategic or decision-making data

  The possibility of giving a voice command to obtain the desired information more quickly, thanks to the “Voice bot

  It offers for each data a multitude of visualization forms through a flip-card animation

  An analysis of the data on various levels, for more precise information.


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