SAP Audit: a security and code review conducted by our SAP experts

Offers you an audit approach adapted to your context

Our SAP auditors have expertise in business intelligence architecture, configuration and deployment of SAP environments.

We offer an audit approach adapted to the possible areas of optimization and to the risks found from a technical and functional point of view.

We intervene at all stages of the ERP project, namely from audit-advice to management solutions to the exploitation of the performance of SAP and cross-functional systems.

We offer adapted solutions with corrective and scalable maintenance, which allows you to guarantee the reliability of your applications, to always have an efficient team, to have visibility on costs and allow you to spend more time on your other projects.


Our technical-functional consultants are at your disposal for:

  A collaboration with your business teams and decision support

  An analysis and assessment of the state of health of your information system

  A technical review and an internal audit mission

  Continuous improvement of SAP performance


  Code and flow quality audit

  Performance tests

  Security Analysis

  Establishment of a Monitoring plan

VASPP offre une revue de vos applications et un audit du code SAP avec les axes d'améliorations

In constant technological watch, we offer application solutions and innovative services to respond to the problems and challenges of our customers.


Découvrez nos solutions VASPP et les nouveautés SAP !

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