SAP UX: improving your user interfaces and business applications

To increase the productivity of your users

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

Rendez la vie de vos utilisateurs plus simples et renforcer le design grâce à l'approche SAP UX
Design plays a key role in capturing user attention from the start, increasing productivity and improving user adoption.

Technology is a crucial element in our world and continues to increase in business. This technology, in order to be useful and profitable, must be as transparent as possible for the business user.

Regarding the third, the strategy in terms of Design must be clearly defined upstream and must fully correspond to the needs of the businesses, while perfecting the day-to-day process.

Briefly, UX design consists of designing and thinking about your product, application, software or service so that the user experience is the best possible.

Permettez à vos utilisateurs métiers SAP d'avoir des écrans personnalisés et ergonomiques S4HANA

Thus, we propose to conduct UX Design Workshops upstream of your projects, to better think about your solutions, and thus to avoid unpleasant surprises in user feedback.

These will allow the realization of an optimal suite of applications, respecting all the values of UX:

Clear: easy and simple to use.

Useful: prioritize features as needed.

Pleasant: creates a feeling of fluidity.

Accessible: multi-device, used by everyone.

Reliable: quality quickly perceived and lasting.

Flexible: easily find what you are looking for.

Compliance: meets user expectations.

Offrez à votre entreprise la possibilité avec SAP UX de fournir des évolutions constantes pour SAP
Thanks to UX design, the user is put at the center of the methodology because he is the raison d’être of UX.

Our goal : to deliver a tailor-made product to users.

Note that all VASPP applications followed the same method and the same approach. Let’s go together to discover your users, listen and observe their habits to help you achieve the desired goal.

Get a head start on your SAP solutions thanks to our teams.

By this point, you have certainly understood it, designing the user experience absolutely cannot be improvised, it must be considered from the start!


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