SAP support: need trusted advisers able to guide you to the most optimal path?

We work with customers to meet their requirements and challenges raised by your businesses.

Indeed, we have different experienced profiles, both functional and technical, involved in any type of project, from the design phase to the production phase.

Sap projects require the commitment of the management of each relevant department to support the changes. 

This implies close collaboration so that all the steps are successful.

We assist the MOA by implementing the means and skills throughout the mission to help them achieve their objectives.

VASPP accompagne votre organisation dans le suivi et la mise en place de vos projets SAP

Our consultants and AMOA project managers support your teams in:

 The description of the user needs, analyzing the existing and defining the desired changes in the future information system.

 Assistance to the client during the drafting of the specifications and / or technical specifications that meet the needs of the businesses

 Quality control by verifying that the delivered solution corresponds to the initial need

 Project management, by monitoring progress and reporting to the MOA in order to meet commitments in terms of content, quality, costs and deadlines


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