SAP HR: Easy Leave the solution linked to your leave process

Simple leave request solutions for specific needs

An HR solution is effective when it is simple and it is simple when it meets a specific need, right?

We offer you the ERP Easy Leave solution, which is an automated leave management software within your SAP integrated management software package.

These are HR tools that allow you to have simple and efficient human resources management.

This management solution provides an overview of the leave schedules of all employees of the company.

The EASY LEAVE software:

This is the solution related to your leave process

The Easy Leave application is a suite of automated personnel management applications, helping administrative management, leave taking and the recording of absences within your organization.

Thanks to an intuitive and ergonomic digital resource management interface, everything is accessible in just a few clicks …

  Entry of leave requests by the employee

  Visualization of absence quotas, leave balances, RTT

  Unit validation of a request by HR managers

  Mass validation by human resources managers

  Managerial view (according to scope) in a team calendar

  Monthly leave statement

  Delegate employee validation requests in case of absence

  Visualization of absence quotas, leave balances, RTT, according to different national or regional calendars.

A management tool facilitating the human resources professions

  Enter your absences and leave requests in two clicks

  With each new entry, your human resources managers are alerted for rapid processing of your leave and absence requests

  In return, you are at once notified by the human resources department of the acceptance or rejection of your requests.

In summary

As you will have understood, EASY LEAVE allows the company’s human resources department to fully monitor the time management of its human capital and to bring visibility to all employees in the same way. easiest and fastest.

Not to mention that this application provides the company with detailed reports in terms of absence and work of each employee.


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