SAP FI: centralizes all finance processes

Bring all the processes together in a single point

As with most clients, the Finance department wishes to receive help from a portal which aims to bring together all business processes and applications in a single point to perform their tasks according to their “operator” or “validator” or “validator” profiles “accountant” and thus draw up their budget.

In order to meet this need, we offer our customers a management solution through the SAP finance portal which aims to limit unnecessary interactions between the different services, to also provide a framework for the collection of company data and to distribute among the various intermediaries (supplier, cost center, accounting management, etc.) but also to streamline all management processes by raising awareness among departments (for example cost centers with regard to invoice payment deadlines)

This cockpit also makes it possible to streamline all processing by raising awareness among departments (for example cost centers about invoice payment deadlines).

We offer an SAP ERP portal with key indicators allowing you to navigate between the functional modules described in the following points:

Features related to suppliers and invoices:

  A management module for the creation of new suppliers by the Cost Centers, the form of which is intended for suppliers

  A module for monitoring the status of invoices

  A module for validating supplier invoices

  A “Chargeback” module allowing CCs to make their chargeback request.

Features related to Cost center management:

 A module allowing cost centers to follow their budget consisting of an NLP summary and a simplified ledger

  It provides a synthetic and understandable view of the operational results of cost centers. The summary also makes it possible to compare the current results with the results of the previous year and with the last budget conducted.

 A “Provisions” module allowing to create provisions and simulate their impact in an NLP Summary

  A “Monitoring of investment orders and relative amortization” module

  General Ledger: It allows cost centers who wish to understand the details of their results, down to the level of accounting documents

  Super Ledger: allows you to view not only the recorded documents but also the documents being created in the portal. Through “forecasts”, it allows you to control the consumption of your cost center

  A “Budget” module allowing you to develop your budget and transfer it to SAP


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