SAP BTP: cloud integration for your business applications

The services offer you simple and scalable means to:

SAP Cloud Platform is an open cloud services platform, which provides access to a multitude of functionalities such as application development, integration and management.

Regardless of the size of your organization, the SAP Cloud Platform allows you to stay abreast of innovation on all fronts: analytics, predictive, mobility, IoT,

Big Data, API, user experience and many more …

As a PaaS (Platform as a Service), SCP offers few perks

Better cost management

Easy of use

Many features

Company mobility

A perfect environment to develop your mobile applications capable of accelerating your management processes:
Better cost management
Maximum security at all points of contact
A captivating user experience!
Améliorez la productivité de vos utilisateurs métiers et des applications SAP ERP & SAP S4 HANA

Collaboration services

SAP Cloud Platform makes collaboration and teamwork easier within your business.

Renforcez la collaboration entre vos collaborateurs SAP et vos applications hybrides SaaS

Information sharing between the different entities of the organization

A marked improvement in productivity and quality

Completion of tasks and projects in a short time!


The ability to create specific applications in a hybrid environment is available to you:

Integrate cloud native apps into your operational environment

Interact with your customers

Expand into new markets

Facilitez le déploiement de vos applications SAP et l'evolution de vos besoins métiers sur S4 HANA

Data management and storage

The services offer you simple and scalable means to :




SAP Cloud Platform also has the concept of a central Fiori Launchpad that allows customers to connect all of their on-premises S / 4HANA applications and other cloud solutions. End users will be able to centrally navigate to all applications from a single launchpad.


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