GRC analytics: offers a global view of your GRC process and security best practices

Offre un aperçu des risques SAP au sein de l'entreprise et un suivi des demandes d'accès SAP

Adobe Flash technology has ended for the SAP GRC solution.

As a result, VASPP instantly designed and developed its own analytical ERP GRC solutions.

We offer dashboards and audit reports to provide companies with better visibility and analysis of the risks present in their SAP information system.

In addition, closer monitoring of SoD risks about access compliance, authorization requests, as well as the use of FireFighter emergency access.

This approach supplies monitoring by the rules defined by internal control and management of the permissions granted to users.

Un tableau de bord de l'ensemble des risques SAP de l'organisation avec une vue globale et détaillée

Risk Assessment

Our risk analysis dashboard gives you instant insight into Segregation of Duties (SoD) risks and critical access across all your SAP ERP solutions. It allows you to have complete control over the change management process for internal and external employees.

An easy-to-use security management tool to meet the requirements of internal and external auditors to secure the rights management process and a user’s lifecycle.

This approach will also ensure that your company adheres to best practices in risk security and compliance in terms of permission management and access to business data.

Our digital security solution is designed to quickly identify risks of accessing transactions and sensitive data within SAP business applications.

This process in place will provide advanced fraud protection and reduce the cost of compliance and ongoing monitoring.

Some benefits:

Helps quickly detect SoD risk violations across the enterprise

Identify critical roles, transactions, and authorizations

Displays the Top ‘n ‘ users with the most risks to monitor and correct

Allows monitoring of compliance over time

Offers the opportunity to further analyze the anomalies detected

The main goal of the SoD management process is to eliminate or reduce the possibility of errors and fraud within your organization.

Monitoring of access requests

This analytical view gives you an intuitive and understandable way to monitor and supervise access requests from all users.

All GRC requests are tracked and can be easily identified using the built-in reporting mechanisms.

The compliance and traceability of accesses via a manual process is extremely complex and laborious.

Additionally, reporting typically takes several days or weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

Each manager, IT security manager or internal controller can independently review compliance controls and trends via the analytical dashboard.

Ultimately, it optimizes the costs of user management in various SAP applications and environments.

Monitoring emergency and privileged access or IT support to production systems is a key aspect from an enterprise data security perspective.

This mode of operation provides a front door with wide accesses that can appear to be a potential security breach, often identified by audit firms.

Through proper implementation of metrics and activity monitoring, FireFighter helps provide a clear and transparent policy for the use of privileged accounts.

This analytical view allows a complete overview of the use of FireFighter privileged access within your organization, monitoring trends by integrating the criticality of transactions.

Dashboard offrant une visibilité précise sur l'utilisation des sessions SAP GRC FireFighter


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