SAP development: VASPP and the agile SCRUM methodology!

Like other agile methods, SCRUM is a project management approach that makes the client the main pilot of the team in charge of developments.

Our teams operate exclusively in an agile method to manage all of our projects, and the development of ERP solutions.


We also have several experienced Scrum Masters to manage and help your teams by facilitating their organizations.

We allow each member of the team to express themselves fully and be to their maximum potential thanks to our Agile organization and thus ensure optimal monitoring of the progress of each member.

Thanks to various development tools, we facilitate the deployment of your applications sprint after sprint:

A sprint phase of ‘n’ weeks, depending on the complexity of the business process and the level of complexity of the screens

Each sprint allows the development and testing of one or more functionalities defined in the application scope.

At the end of a sprint, new features or modifications may be requested 

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