SAP cybersecurity: c-usage improves SAP transaction management with the help of SAP GRC

Monitoring the use of transactions in your SAP ecosystem

When we talk about monitoring the use of transactions in an SAP ecosystem, we are obviously talking about the ST03N Transaction which is perceived as too technical, and overly complex to use, complex to use by business lines, audit and internal control.

Our digital C-Usage solution is a tool that allows you to monitor and control all transactions launched within your SAP landscape and the criticality of the authorizations granted.

This web application therefore makes it possible to consolidate the transactions used by a group or a list of people over a given period. This comes in addition to solutions such as SAP GRC Access Control and best management of SAP roles.

Why buy this solution?

Allow all business teams or IT to track transaction usage

Make it possible to identify new sensitive transactions with statistics

Improve the visibility of people working outside of office hours

Optimize the security of the management of critical SAP roles and authorizations

Speed ​​up the audit phase of access granted to users

Place sensitive access under GRC FireFighter (EAM) access control

Eliminate certain risks for users on too wide accesses

Facilitate the detection of fraudulent or questionable access outside the scope of an SAP user


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