SAP CPI or SCPI, the middleware integrated into SAP BTP, permits the development of APIs and offers a catalog of connectors allowing the orchestration of your company’s business processes



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What are the Functions of SAP Integration Suite?

Globalization and the evolution of new technologies heavily modified our consumption, travel and communication patterns for twenty years. Nowadays, everything has to be simple, and fast.

However, all the systems need to be connected and for some companies, it’s quite a challenge.

Created in 2013 to replace HCI (Hana Cloud Platform), SAP Cloud Platform Integration, recently renamed Integration Suite is a Cloud middleware

It’s a part of SAP BTP and allows you data integration within all the systems and management and implementation of APIS. These last will make company and business processes life easier.

What is SAP Integration Suite?

SAP Integration Suite (SCPI) is an IPaas / eIPaas service (Integration Platform As A Service) specially created for companies. It’s a package of Cloud computing services for the development, execution, and control of the workflows which link both Cloud and on-Premises applications.  

It is often used to supplement the integration system companies still possess. Nevertheless, it offers more capacity to adapt faster to the evolution of technologies and firms.

More specifically, an exchange of information between two systems can’t be simple as the two systems could have different languages

Thus, it comes to transform or complete the information in order to be integrated into a system. It becomes easier to do that with the help of SAP SCPI (Integration Suite).

Connections are secured with the HTTP protocol and everything is handled by the SAP BTP Connector, a component that can be set on the On-premises system red to create a secured flow.

As a matter of fact, systems are not directly connected to the Internet.

SAP SCPI (Integration Suite) is currently composed of four functionalities also known as capabilities :

The Cloud Integration
The API management
The open connectors
Integration Consulting
A machine learning tool that simplifies every integration process in a BtoB scenario
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SAP SCPI capabilities - Business Integration

SAP Business Integration has a large number of capabilities according to the needs of companies. Here is a selection of the main functions :

  • Allow to create, develop and supervise APIs in a stable and secure environment
  • Allow to optimize the business process and improve efficiency by bringing together various computer systems
  • Allow the integration of SAP and non-SAP applications with an index of connectors for SuccessFactors, Workday, Coupa, Salesforce, and others
  • Supply integration pack in order to speed up the workflow and the integration
  • Allow the development of interfaces and maps for companies that use machine learning and crowdsourcing

In this article, we are going to focus on four features to show you that SAP SCPI is a key element for your digital transformation.

API Management

The digital transformation includes the implementation of APIs in the digital environment to interconnect systems and databases

The number of APIs increases with time in the companies. They need to verify the security and have best practices in terms of management.

SAP quickly understood it and offered an API console within its integration platform. 

This last is based on a web interface that enables the creation of a new API without any computer programming.

As indicated by his name, API management will concern all actions around existing API (publication, the management of the connection between API) and non-existing API (creation).  


Good API management means better satisfaction from both customers and employees.


Three scenarios are considered:

  • Creating omnichannel access that removes the complexity of underlying heterogeneous landscapes 
  • Platforms to leverage open APIs that enable new channel creation and API monetization
  • Support for digital integration hubs that isolate heterogeneous transaction backends with data grids

Finally, it should be noted that a monetization feature is available. As an API administrator, it is possible to create a pricing plan, attach it and then publish it to the Business Hub Enterprise API. Hence, the invoice details can be detailed for each service supplier.

SAP API Business Hub

Within the extensive API library on SAP CPI (Integration Suite) is the SAP API Business Hub. It is a search engine that allows you to easily find SAP APIs from an SAP and partner catalog

In addition, consumption is greatly facilitated by the ability to generate a snippet in different programming languages.

So what is the purpose of the SAP API Business Hub

SAP APIs are very heterogeneous in terms of documentation and protocol. Developers do not necessarily know all the APIs available on-premise or in the cloud. 

As a result, they don’t use them and the development or extension of applications will be longer and more expensive

Being able to test and use APIs makes their work easier and stimulates innovation in an entire business domain.

Integration & Cloud

With Cloud integration, it is possible to design and manage processes and data flows from SAP or non-SAP applications or systems. 

It is also possible to add extensions such as workflows or business rules. This design can be based on many different elements.

It is therefore possible to easily connect applications to each other and to define and transform messages

The use of pre-built integration packages from SAP and its partners saves time and money. 

There are currently more than 2000 packages for three different scenarios:

  • Application – Application 
  • Business – Business
  • Business – Government

Open Connectors

This feature was developed to bring together the innovations of many developers in various applications. 

There are no less than 160 third-party applications offering connectors adapted to your organization’s needs: collaboration, CRM, E-commerce, Helpdesk…

In addition to sharing many services (search query, interactive documentation…), they are all standardized, accessible via REST APIs and especially multi-tenant

Indeed, their use is unlimited and does not require the use of any code.

The user interface also gives the possibility to test the different functionalities offered by each connector.

To do so, you just have to authenticate yourself and choose one of the following options:

Search within the documents provided with the APIs: 

  • The default documents are those associated with a specific instance
  • Mapping and transformation of fields to match fields in a common resource 
  • Use in a formula template

Accelerate Growth with SAP SCPI (Integration Suite)

SAP SCPI (Integration Suite) is an essential tool today to support your company’s digital transformation

Its deployment is fast and the interface built on the web model is easy to use. The user experience is optimized regardless of the device used.

The library is very regularly updated and new versions of the APIs appear very regularly because SAP is not the only one to offer its products and services.

From now on, SAP SCPI (Integration Suite) is open to partners who can offer their APIs and connectors. Innovation is therefore at the heart of the application.

As is often the case now, SAP offers a subscription system that allows real savings and does not have to deal with updates and other maintenance operations. 

Indeed, while most ERP editors propose you to buy the components separately, SAP proposes here a simple pricing model that will allow you to benefit from all the advantages of the solution without any restriction. 

This simplifies integrations, deployments, and the entire management of your environment. 

With its many experts, VASPP accompanies you in the implementation of SAP Integration Suite.

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