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Accelerate your employee onboarding and risk management

Currently, access requests are made through forms that are often long and tedious to complete. Indeed, the NWBC form within GRC Access Control is very technical for end users.

Our offer

A suite of innovative GRC add-ons, especially more ergonomic. These solutions for SAP GRC Access Control offer a modern web cockpit to accelerate access requests, SoD risk analysis, correct access rights.

Benefits of our GRC add-ons





Our add-ons


Access Request

For the management, extension and
deletion of access requests user

UAR Review

Provides managers with an access verification tool for users

Inbox Approval

To easily check all access requests
and SOD conflicts

Compliance Register

Provides detailed documentation for each risk with fraud scenario and control objective


Provides a central inbox for privileged access validation

FireFighter Log Review

Reinforces control after actions performed with a FireFighter user

SoD Risk Analysis

Enables rapid identification, analysis and resolution of SoD risks, taking into account corporate compliance policy

FireFighter Self-service

Provides a method for self-assigning extended access for emergency support

Improve the access management process for users

Provide your GRC Managers with better visibility into access requests and approvals. SAP NWBC screens require too much technical knowledge, which makes requests difficult to complete.

Optimize your GRC SOD risk analysis

A SoD analysis application to help organizations automate the process of monitoring risk violations for users, roles and access simulations.

Better governance, coupled with your security policy requirements.

Provide privileged access and facilitate reviews with FireFighter

Our FireFighter self-service tool (EAM) provides privileged access. It includes the Log Review section for reviewing actions performed via FireFighter.

Octroyez des accès privilégiés

Control your user profiles with User Access Review

UAR allows your organization to periodically monitor the legitimate access rights granted to business and IT users. It is part of the management policies and user account review


Read our detailed brochure for more information on our Access Enforced GRC solution


GRC is the acronym for Risk and Compliance Governance. It is a pillar of the security of a company and will concern the management of risks or the respect of regulations. For more information, see our dedicated article.

GRC Access Control is an application integrated to the SAP ERP that allows you to detect fraud, control access to different systems…

The NetWeaver Business Client form is the current form in SAP to search for accesses, a user…

A SoD risk arises from two tasks that are incompatible with each other because they present a risk for the company. Thus, two different people must have each one of these tasks. Find many examples in our article.

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