What is an SoD report ?

The SoD report is a key element in the internal security audit of companies. It allows you to update, ensure and improve your Segregation of Duties in the enterprise. What is an SoD report ? 6 minutes read With the increasing number of fraud attempts, Segregation of Duties (SoD) must be a central part of …

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Why choose SAP ERP?

The ERP market is growing worldwide, especially in Europe. The company SAP is able to stand out with its innovative solutions. Why choose SAP as an ERP? 6 minutes de lecture Today, any company that wants to grow must at some point ask itself which systems to use to manage all its data and other …

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SAP and CSR   

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) consists in the implementation of various actions promoting ecology, social justice or economy. For many years, SAP has been involved in many causes… SAP and CSR  12 minutes read Last December, SAP won the CSR 2021 award for its commitment, and in particular for its People To Work program. This program …

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The Corporate Compliance

Compliance is a pillar of GRC. It is the enforcement of rules and standards within an organization. How can we ensure that we have good compliance in the global organization? THE CORPORATE COMPLIANCE 6 minutes read In the financial services industry, it’s fair to say that the history of compliance is closely tied to the …

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The Corporate Governance

Managing a business is good, doing it ethically is even better. Corporate governance is an important part of CRM, and translates into several practices to create value. THE CORPORATE GOVERNANCE 8 minutes read GRC has become a crucial element in the proper functioning of an organization. Effective risk and compliance management means growing your project …

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